Thursday, May 29, 2008


Just for fun, I'm going to do some googling this morning and see how many hits I come up with. Ready? Set? GOOOOOOOgle!
1. "Starvingwritenow": Believe it, my little moniker came up with 787 hits! Isn't that swell? I'm almost popular!
2. "Labrador Retriever Bart": 6 hits. Six other labs out there named Bart. (Mine is too busy napping right now to care.)
3. "Dreadlocks": 2,810,000 hits. And some scary images to boot. I saw someone with them last night and the urge to break out my scissors was nearly overpowering.
4. "Poison Ivy": 4,230,000 hits. Apparently more people have poison ivy than dreadlocks.
5. "Ironman": 14,400,000 hits. Who says we're not an entertainment-driven society?
6. "Skateboarding crashes": 414,000 hits. Several YouTube videos included which I won't watch on an empty stomach.
7. "Pope John Paul II": 4,440,000 hits. Not bad. However Pope Benedict was double that. Of course, he's alive (this might have something to do with it).
8. "Kerfluffle": 40,300 hits. It's gaining momentum, folks! Pretty soon people everywhere will be saying it!(See my Vocab sidebar for definition) However, the K word has nothing on...
9. "The F Word": 227,000,000 hits. But the F word has nothing on...
10. "The": 16,280,000,000 hits. That's a lot of the's, people!
11. "Bimbos in outer space": 43,100 hits. That's a lot of bimbos, people! However, if you put quotes around it (to search specifically for that word order; I just learned that the other day!) you only get 5 actual hits.
12. "Astrological compatibility": 921,000 hits. I tried this last time and look where it got me. Next time (if ever there is one) I'm winging it.
13. "Kama Sutra": 22,200,000 hits. Guess I'd better get a little more flexible...
Your challenge today is to do a random google and post your result in the comments. Have fun!


Rhonda Stapleton said...

TEE HEE!!! Those are awesome...okay, here's my random google:

"I like candy when it's wrapped in a sweater" got 235,000 hits...ROFL!

Robyn said...

"Hunky Guys in Kilts." 14,000 hits. My old post from Snarkling Clean was #3!

spyscribbler said...

Wow! 16 billion hits? It must hit every page in English! Just think, we're probably amongst that 16 billion!!!