Thursday, May 01, 2008

(because I can't think of anything cool this Thursday)
1. I've noticed when I start cleaning a room it gets messier before it gets cleaner.
2. I think people get bedhead so God can have a good laugh over his coffee in the morning.
3. Loving your dog or cat is way easier than loving people.
4. I miss writing letters. Sure, the internet is great, but I miss putting pen to paper, opening envelopes, reading the words first really fast, then going back and reading slowly, savoring it.
5. I believe that for many men "midlife crisis" is just an excuse to act stupid and not be held accountable for said stupidness.
6. I also believe that for many women "PMS" is just an excuse to be bitchy and get away with it.
7. Why is it that when you decide you really want something, a bunch of obstacles spring up in your path?
8. How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie-roll center of a tootsie-pop?
9. I still, at 41, love to color. And I love how crayons smell, too.
10. I think it is totally unfair that the world is full of people who just get away with stuff and I never get away with anything.
11. There's nothing finer than burying your face in a bunch of lilacs on the first of May. And yes, I inhaled. Many times.
12. Books are better than TV, mowing grass, shoveling snow and (sometimes) sex.
13. I think... I can't think of anything else!
Happy TT!


spyscribbler said...

So true about books! And about cleaning. I tend to just move piles around.

I love to color, too. I get irrationally crazy hormonal every month for about a week. Drives me nuts, and I can't control it. Wish I could.

Robyn said...

The answer to #8 is: 3.