Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yes, dearest friends in blogland, the day has come. Today marks six months since my breakup. I've been contemplating things, deciding, changing my mind, overthinking (read yesterday's post below) and learning much about myself and life and the world in general.
1. I've learned that the end of the road isn't the end of the world. It's just the end of the road. You need only open your eyes and look around yourself to find a new path.
2. I've learned it is physically possible to cry for a solid hour and still be able to produce more tears.
3. I've learned it is unwise to deny your true nature; misery inevitably follows in some fashion.
4. I've learned that expectations can quickly become misleading and tiresome.
5. I've learned that support from family and friends is invaluable, a precious gift to treasure.
6. I've learned that men are a pesky, unstable bunch; more sensitive and frail, more cold and callous than we "mere" women. Unfortunately, since my personal tastes run in that direction, I'll probably take up with another one. Someday.
7. I've learned it is possible to survive without sex. It's not as much fun, but it's possible.
8. I've learned that I'm better at living alone. Does this mean that down the road when I meet some fab guy I won't be tempted to cohabit again? Decisions, decisions...
9. I've learned that I prefer truth (steel) to honesty (silly putty).
10. I've learned not to put too much stock in appearances.
11. I've learned that overthinking (one skill I excel at; read below) doesn't really do anything but stress you out more.
12. I've learned that I must accept certain tenets in order to restore peace to myself. Chief among these is that I will never know what really happened--the FS was lying to himself long before he met me; I don't believe he even could say for certain what happened.
13. I've learned that despite grief the sun rises and sets like always, that life goes on within you and without you. That even though the heartbreak is still there, the pain is starting, ever so slowly, to recede. That at the end of it all, I'll be okay.


Robyn said...

Yes, dear heart. You will be okay.

spyscribbler said...

Tell me about sex bit. Man. With DH in Alaska all the time, I'm not getting any! Man, it's driving me crazy.

I hear you about the crying. Dh once broke up with me, and I called my best friend and was crying so hard she sat on the phone for a whole hour before she understood a single word I was saying.

I got over him after six months, though. After a couple months, mostly. I put all of him in a box and taped it tight and stuck it out in the garage because I just couldn't bear it in the house. Then he came back but I didn't trust him completely for at least two years.

Bernita said...

Believe in yourself.