Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Have you ever noticed that just when you don't need any more stress, you get another shovelful dumped on your pile?

For me, today, it's a lovely tangle of work/home/Son/money/The G/school. Work: my annual performance review is coming up and naturally, being the worrier I am, I'm worried about it. Did I do okay? Do they still like me? Am I in trouble? Home: the neverending list--I want to paint something, I want a fence, I want a deck, I really need to fix my garage door, etc. Son: school's starting, supplies, football, girls, doing the right thing, will he step it up and get better grades, what about college? Money: don't even get me started on this one. The G: he's got a plate and a half worth of his own stress right now to deal with, I know this but I'm still feeling neglected, like I'm doing something wrong, I'm not getting any, blah de blah blah. School: oy! Class schedules and financial aid and trying to figure out if my bill is going to be paid in time by the feds or not and if I'll be in trouble...

Isn't stress great? Anybody got a magic wand they can wave over my head and just make it all go away?



Robyn said...

If you're a classic worrier, probably not. All I can tell you is what my grandmother told me- Worry is the interest you pay on a loan you probably won't get. Didn't make much sense when I was seven, but you get the idea.

Bernita said...

Don't blow up bridges before you come to them.

Missie said...

Don't count somebody else's chickens before you put them in your basket.

Don't put all your eggs before the horse.

And finally, a bird in your hand is a pretty crappy idea.

StarvingWriteNow said...

LOL!!! You guys are great!