Monday, July 14, 2008


She: Some nice cool lemonade will score points with the new guy.

He: I wonder how fast I can get her skirt up?

PS: Any ideas on what that red thing is right at loverboy's--ahem!--crotch?

He: Oh yeah, got the girl, got the tent, got the fire... score one for the big guy!
She: The ground is hard, I've got 6 million bug bites and any second now, that marshmallow's going in the fire. Boy, am I having fun. Woo, woo.

He: Hmm... wonder if I should have gotten the bigger one? After all, Mrs. Howell had a diamond as big as a doorknob, and bigger is better...
She: Thank God the engagement is as fake as this ring.

She: Oh yeah. Cute babies win guys over every time.
He: I'll hold cute baby so long as I get to shag hot mommy later--hang on... I think someone just dropped a Texas-sized bomb!
Happy Monday!


spyscribbler said...

The fake fiance girl looks... fake. Plastic. Sheesh, she doesn't even look real!

Bernita said...

All those fake cheery smiles don't do it for me.

Robyn said...

#2 is a perfect example of Robyn's Favorite Rant- Why Are These People Outside? The animal kingdom does not want us there.

And #3- what in the world is she trying to cook? It looks like she's got wallpaper paste on that whisk.

StarvingWriteNow said...

LOL!! But really, what is that red thing on the first cover? It looks like a bulbous little penis sticking down! Eeuww!

Missie said...

Doesn't that chick know that you don't sit IN A CAMPFIRE?!? Move back, sister, before you get burnt!

Also, I cannot tell you the times I have moved wearing a pastel skirt and light colored blouse! That is like soooo my moving outfit!

And why does that baby look Chinese when the guy is as Wonder Bread as they come, and the chick looks vaguely Hispanic?

Missie said...

And is that a class ring he put on her finger in the Fake Fiancee? "I sure would like you to be mah wife, and to prove it, here's my Rydell High Graduation Ring, baby!" It also kinda looks like a cheap seventies mood ring. Or a small satellite. Or I am not quite sure what it is. Except ugly. That is all.