Thursday, July 17, 2008


Yes, I'm a youtube fan. It's not my fault; I totally blame Son. He's always like "Mom! Check this out!" and I have to run in and see what he's found this time. I'm not going to put up 13 videos--that would be huge!--but I'll try and link to all the pages. Enjoy!


1. Simon's Cat: Cat Man Do. This one is my favorite but he has two others that are very cute and funny too!

2. The Lego Beer Song. Just fun silliness!

3. The Toddler Song. More silliness, but so true of this age!

4. The Dancing DUI. This guy almost pulled it off!

5. Cell Phones Popping Corn. I wonder if too much cell use will really fry your brain?

6. Rough And Ready Man. Already posted this but I love it.

8. Crazy Cat Videos. There's a million of them!

9. Sports Bloopers. This one is only about 10 seconds long but it cracks me up.

10. Extreme Skate. These guys thought they were cooler than the young kids. Not!

11. The Holy Hand Grenade. Loves me some Monty Python!

12. Superstition. What a blast from the past! Watch the kids whipping their heads around!

13. TV/Movie Outtakes: Mr. Bean. Always a hoot!
You know what you've got to do: Share! I want to see what you've got.


Robyn said...

Three shall be the number of thy counting...

I love Alberta Hunter. I want a rough and ready man, too!

My kids made me watch the Potter Puppet Pals, found here:

It's fun if you like watching the Hogwarts bunch get blown up.

spyscribbler said...

Every time I need a pick-me up, I watch this video:

THE best cat video EVER!

spyscribbler said...


Manager Mom said...

OK. I tried... but YouTube crashes my computer. Buzz kill.