Monday, July 07, 2008

I realize in this digital age that novel covers are pretty much pose, snap and off to Corel or Paintshop. But just for fun, let's spin these covers back to the time period they represent. No cameras, just a hired painter, an easel and our hero & heroine:

Painter: Okay, Jack, you bend your head a little closer to Jill--

Jack: Do I have to? Her breath stinks!

Jill: It's not my fault! As soon as I get paid Friday, I'm having that rotten tooth yanked out at the barbershop.

Painter: Oh, no, young lady, you keep all your teeth until I'm done painting them!

Jack: I have the biggest kink in my back right now.
Jill: Yeah? Well my neck's killing me, and this heather is no feather mattress.
Painter: You two stop talking! I need you to be absolutely still! Jack, lean closer!
Jack: Okay--hang on, whoa, wait--I'm fall--
Jill: Get. Off. Me.
Happy Monday!


Bernita said...

Very nice!

spyscribbler said...

I love how you spun that! Awesome. Made me laugh!

Robyn said...

Those body positions do look painful, don't they?

StarvingWriteNow said...

Just goes to show I must be getting older because I look at these steamy embraces and think: man, he's gonna need some Advil for that later!