Thursday, July 24, 2008

1. I love the sound of cicadas. Even cooler is finding one.
2. My Weber grill is high on my "best friend" list all summer. If I had a gas version, it'd be right up there all winter too.
3. I love my new house (youall have heard me wax on about this) but it is lacking two things: a shade tree and a hammock.
4. I love waking up with someone and listening to the world wake up. Ex: Last weekend I was with "The G". He's a notoriously early riser (we're talking 4:30 am here) and I am a notoriously light sleeper. Anyway, he gets up early--quietly, too! another plus for The G!--makes coffee, etc. and goes out to his back porch for his morning coffin nail. Of course I'm awake and after a bit I get up, get some coffee, and join him on the porch. The birds were waking up, the train went by, we talked about this and that... it was just serene and lovely.
5. Son came home Monday. Hooray!
6. My house has turned back into Grand Central Station! (I don't mind, for the most part.)
7. I am harvesting fresh vegetables from my garden. Beans, cukes and even a few tomatoes already. Yum!
8. I also have more dill and basil than I know what to do with. But it smells heavenly.
9. Every once in a while I take my orange cat, Edd, out on a leash for a stroll around the yard. He digs it despite his cantankerous-ness.
10. I love taking the dog to the park for a run. But I learned a valuable lesson this week--keep him out of the puddles and mud. Bart (aka Mr. Lovey) is in the hospital right now with some kind of virus/bacteria he picked up there that gave him some serious diarrhea. Eeuuwww!
11. Even though fall is my favorite season, I love the hundreds of different shades of green I find during summer.
12. I've rediscovered my love of bugs this summer. Fireflies, bees, spiders... they're all pretty cool.
13. Last, but definitely not least--ice cream. Okay, let's all channel our inner Homer Simpson here: " creammmm...."
Share your lazy hazy craziness here! Happy summer!


spyscribbler said...

In the hospital?? Oh, poor baby! I hope he feels better soon!

Bernita said...

"I love the hundreds of different shades of green I find during summer"
Oh yes! In wwinter I crave green.

Barbara Martin said...

Summer is:
1. smelling the hot air as it thickens just before a thunderstorm;
2. smelling the refreshed air after a thundershower and seeing light reflect off remaining drops of rain in trees;
3. hearing the corny music from the ice cream truck in the afternoon as it gathers children in hoards for cool, slurpy delights;
4. sitting in the shade sipping an iced tea while the air is hot and humid.