Thursday, August 07, 2008


There's pros and cons to every situation, I suppose, and this post came from recent discussions with friends--some of them married--about singlehood. Enjoy!

1. PLUS: I get the bed to myself. No snoring, no tossing and turning, and all the pillows I want.
2. MINUS: No place to warm up my cold feet.
3. PLUS: It's my own yard and I can grow vegetables and weeds if I want to.
4. MINUS: I have to mow the yard.
5. PLUS: My grocery bills are lower.
6. MINUS: I have to get jars open by myself.
7. PLUS: It's much quieter.
8. MINUS: I think I'm talking to myself more just to hear another voice.
9. PLUS: I don't have to sift through lies.
10. MINUS: I got hit on by a neighbor and it was freaky.
11. PLUS: I can make a mess if I want to.
12. MINUS: I can't blame anyone else for it and I still have to clean it up.
13. PLUS: The "man" stuff--farting, scratching, watching COPS and UFC, stuff like that--has been cut in half. Now if I can only retrain Son... yeah, right...

Well, it looks like the pluses outweigh the minuses today. Woo hoo!

PS: Update on the computer: it crashed again. Am taking it to repair shop tomorrow. My IT guy at work says it sounds like hardware failure. Joy. Rapture. I can hardly wait to hear the estimate.


spyscribbler said...

At least you have a son. I am so sick of hearing myself think I can't stand it.

Robyn said...

Wait. Was the neighbor freaky or the fact that he hit on you freaky? Or both?

StarvingWriteNow said...

Spy, just start talking to yourself! Sometimes thats the best conversation I have all day!

Robyn, the neighbor was short, hefty and just a bit too friendly. He said hi to me, jogged across the street to catch up with me, asked a bazillion questions... I'm sure he's a perfectly nice person and all, but just a little much, if you know what i mean. Almost made me wish The G lived right in the neighborhood instead of 25 miles away.

Bernita said...

2. Solution: a hot water bottle or a heating pad.
10. That can happen, single or not. Some neighbours are just freaky, period.