Thursday, September 25, 2008

A guy's romantic map never changes, from the sandbox to the grave. To wit:
1. The second you notice them and like them, they start ignoring you. (Classic Frustrate The Girl Maneuver)
2. They say hi to you the first time they see you... then five minutes later they make a point of saying hi to you again (of course, this could be sign of OCD, or perhaps a memory issue--use caution).

3. They tease. Unmercifully, of course, because they're guys. If they do it well enough it makes you think they don't like you at all, which could be fatal to any attempt at connection. Beware the Fatal Teaser. (click there for a funny video!)
4. They'll pass you stupid notes like "you stink" during class/meetings etc. Of course, if you really do stink, this could have hurtful consequences.
5. When you send a guy the classic "I like you. Do you like me?" letter, his response will be something along the lines of "I oughta punch you one" or something likewise really romantic.
6. Chasing you around the playground. Of course in the grownup world this translates to chasing you around, say, the local watering hole. Just remember, there's a fine line between chasing and stalking.
7. Showing his manliness/prowess. In childhood this is more like: "I bet I can throw this rock farther than you can!" In adulthood: "Let me show you how to hold that pool cue."
8. They'll give you food. Like their baloney sandwich during lunchtime. Or they'll give you a taste of their dinner when you go out. This could lead to romance. Or food poisoning. Use caution.
9. Ask you to help them with their homework/project etc. This can be cute and flattering. It can also be a sign of sloth. Beware.
10. Staring at you. There's a fine line here between attraction and psychosis. You have been warned.

11. Touching. Like, say, suddenly they find all kinds of reasons to "give you a hug" or they pull your hair (hopefully only in Kindergarten, not in adulthood).

12. They'll talk to you about stuff you like, or maybe watch a chick movie without falling asleep. Very promising... but could possibly be a sign of insanity.

13. They stand straighter or "suck it in" when you pass by. Again, cute and flattering. But they could rupture something, so be ready to call 911.

What ways has someone shown they like you? Share--and yes, as a matter of fact, there is a reason I'm on this subject today...