Thursday, October 09, 2008

There's a million of them out there, some inspired and some... better left unwritten. Thanks again to Frances for several of these ideas!
1. Thirteen Things We Could All Learn From Cults. (I don't know; proper prayer technique, how to be a good 17th wife...)
2. Thirteen Ways To Keep Your Bodice Rip-Free. (Any romance heroine could use these tips!)
3. Thirteen Naked In Public Dreams I've Had. (They're not all the same, and trust me, they ain't pretty!)
4. Thirteen Dominatrix Tricks Every Woman Should Learn. (I'm going for proper whipping methods myself.)
5. Thirteen Things In My Trash Can. (This could be gross, funny, or just gross.)
6. Thirteen Bugs I've Scraped Off My Windshield. (See above.)
7. Thirteen Signs of a Pending Zombie Apocalypse. (We all need to know! It could happen!)
8. Thirteen Other Uses For a Corset. (Make mine Elizabethan!)
9. Thirteen Other Uses For a Jock Strap. (I shuddered when I typed that.)
10. Thirteen Lies People Tell Themselves That They Really Shouldn't. (Of course I'm a size 6. I've been one all my life! These jeans are just mislabeled!)
11. Thirteen Ways To Talk Yourself Out of Taking a Risk. (Being queen of the worriers, I should be able to finish this list in ten seconds flat.
12. Thirteen Ways To Talk Yourself Into Taking a Risk. (This is what I really need to do more often!)
13. Thirteen Naughty Things To Do On a Trampoline. (Come on, you know there's something out there someone has tried!)
Okay, when you comment today, pick one of the 13 and give me an example! (I expect to get at least 600 comments, so get cracking!)

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Robyn said...

#3. Good Lord, I must be an unconscious exhibitionist. I've been naked everywhere in dream land.