Thursday, November 06, 2008


Yes, it's coming on that time of year in my 'hood, where the lovely colors of fall give way to rain, snow, driving wind... all that fun stuff that makes you totally not want to even get out of bed. Never fear--StarvingWriteNow is here with a plethora of activities to make that enforced "inside time" bearable!
1. Bake Cookies--Not only will your house smell terrific (unless you burn them, of course) but you'll be able to eat as many as you want because, as we all know, cookies you bake yourself have ZERO calories.
2. Rearrange the Furniture--Give your house a new look! And throw out your back while you're at it so you can take a few days off to admire your handiwork from a prone position.
3. Play Games--Not just the traditional board games, here. Try the classic "Where the F*** Are My Car Keys" and "Stop Staring At Your Sister" games as well. Fun for the whole family!
4. Watch A Movie--long, weather-crappy weekends are perfect for marathons of Meg Ryan flicks (sure to please your significant other), Hitchcock (sure to send the kids into hysterics), or Broadway-Goes-To-Hollywood (sure to have you humming "Oklahoma" for WEEKS).
5. Get Crafty--Scissors and paper and glue, oh my! Try making your own Christmas cards this year--trust me, everyone will appreciate your efforts!
6. Learn a New Recipe--Experimenting on family is always fun, especially when it comes to cooking. I like trying out new Thanksgiving ideas on Son; watching his facial expressions makes for fine memories.
7. Play More Games--Like your kid's Nintendo system. Sure to incite extensive eye-rolling, giggling, and teasing for weeks to come because you "suck" at Guitar Hero.
8. Invent A New Cocktail--Savor the burn. And pour another one while you're at it.
9. Vacuum--This activity can be turned into an olympic sport; foot whacking, under-furniture stretching, cord-manipulating calisthenics...
10. Home Repairs--best done before you attempt #8.
11. Invent Another New Cocktail--this time with an extra shot or two of whatever you've got handy.
12. Play More Games--by now you're juuuust tipsy enough to attempt something really fun, like say... Twister! Just make sure the kiddies dial 911 after they stop laughing at you.
13. Take A Nap--Probably the best thing to do when it's miserable out and you've ate 6,000 cookies, drank concoctions that could probably run your car, and pulled every muscle in your ass trying to reach that stupid red circle on the Twister mat...
Happy Thursday!


Robyn said...

The nap thing. It's so me!

writtenwyrdd said...

Gotta say I love the new icon picture.