Thursday, December 25, 2008


1. A dollhouse. You know, the type you have to put together and paint and carpet and furnish all on your own. Always wanted one of these.
2. Barbie's Townhouse. The pink and white three-level beauty with the elevator.
3. An Easy Bake Oven. Dessert any time. Who wouldn't want that?
4. A Hot Wheels Garage. I played with my hot wheels around the roots of a tree in our front yard and made houses out of bark instead.
5. A cowboy holster with real live cap guns. I lived without it... and got one for my son.
6. The "Charlie's Angels" dolls wardrobe. Had the dolls, didn't have the pocket money for clothes and had to make them myself. And the dolls were only 8 inches tall, so they were too short for most Barbie stuff.
7. A magic set. The only thing I ever got was a deck of trick cards. After one trick, they all turned to the three of spades and wouldn't turn back. It sucked!
8. A pair of platform heels. Yeah, baby! I would have been the queen! Alas, it never happened--and probably a good thing considering my ankles!
9. Malibu Skipper. Skipper was cool. Skipper was a kid like me! Skipper never made it into my stocking, though. Just Barbie and Ken and P.J. and a couple of off-brand ones that didn't have bendy legs or swivel necks.
10. Real Barbie clothes. Again, had to make them myself. Sure, I learned a skill, but I was no seamstress! Barbie and her friends looked pretty sad.
11. A romance novel. All those years of reading them and I never received one.
12. Barbie's motor home. I got Barbie's Beach Bus instead. Then one summer night I left it outside and the next day it was full of those little roachy-looking bugs.
13. A bike with a banana seat and fringe on the handlebars. I wanted to be cool SO BAD. It still hasn't happened, unfortunately.

What awesome gift have you never received? Share!


Robyn said...

I got the motor home and the dream house- in my day, no second and third stories. Just one level and the living room and bedroom folded into the kitchen for easy storage. I also had the Skipper gymnasium.

I had the weirdest doll- Growing Up Skipper. When her arm was up, she was flat and straight. Pull her arm down, and she developed a waist and tiny little boobies. I guess it's a mercy that she didn't come with miniature maxi pads.

StarvingWriteNow said...

I had that same house--it was the Country Living Manor or something like that!

Skipper had a gym? And (ick!) growing boobies?