Monday, December 29, 2008

(What's this? Monday without a romance cover? Holy F***!!)


Remember when I bought my wonderful home back in March? How I waxed on and on about the beautiful bathroom with the pink and black retro tiles everywhere?

Me doth waxed too much, Horatio.

Not long after I moved in, those pretty pink tiles started spontaneously jumping off the walls. I discovered they were actually stick-on bakelite/plastic tiles rather than real tiles, which was a disappointment (but really, if I'd looked a little harder I could have guessed in a heartbeat--duh!!) but they restuck on with a little caulk/sealant applied. No biggie.

So I thought.

This fall, a tile popped off on the long wall of the tub/shower. Behind it was black wet mildew and--even better!--crumbling sheetrock. I stuck the tile back on as well as I could and started to think. What to do? Replace the wall? Cut and patch? Buy a tub surround? Any option I looked at was expensive, time consuming and would leave me without a working shower for days. Joy and rapture untold, folks.

(But wait! There's more!)

I consulted my Friend (he asked that I not blog about him so if you ever meet him put on a sweet smile and lie your head off, please) in the beginning of December, after I had removed about two dozen tiles and discovered the extent of the damage. He said, you're going to have to take the wall out. Nice Friend that he is (and handy, too!) he offered to help. We made a plan, did some shopping around and finally purchased a lovely three-panel tub surround the day after Christmas. Then he started tearing down the wall on Saturday morning when I went to work.

Early Saturday afternoon I get a phone call:

He: "Honey? I can see into the attic."
Me: "What?"
He: "The wall doesn't go all the way up and I can see into the attic now."
Me: "#^@*&%*&%^!!!!!"

To be continued...


spyscribbler said...

The... the... the wall, doesn't go, all the way up?

Oh. Wow. Thems are major groans!

Barbara Martin said...

The plot thickens...can't wait to hear the rest of the story.

Happy New Year, and I hope your renovations go well.

Barrie said...

That's the problem with home improvement projects. There's always more than meets the eye (or, in your case, less). Good luck!

StarvingWriteNow said...

I'm still itchy from that fiberglass, but man! That tub surround is very slick! I'm quite pleased with the end result...Maybe I'll go screw up my 1/2 bath next!!