Thursday, February 26, 2009


You've seen them decorating minivan bumpers everywhere: "My child is a Straight-A/Model Citizen/Honor Student at Such-and-Such School." If you've been blessed with one of these stickers, good for you (and your kid)! If, like me, you have not, then here are some alternatives to consider:

1. My Child Gets C's And That's Okay By Me
2. My Child Is Not In Juvie This Month!
3. My Average Student Can Beat Up Your Honor Student
4. Proud Parent Of An Underachiever
5. I Never Made The Honor Roll Either And I Turned Out Just Fine
6. (For a kid's bike/car) My Mom Has A 4.0 In Grad School
7. Proud Parent Of A Really Nice Kid
8. My Average Student Did Not Get Arrested Like Your Honor Student Did Last Weekend
9. C's Get Degrees
10. Proud Mother Of A Kid Who Does Dishes And Takes Out The Trash
11. Proud Mother Of A Kid Who Doesn't Mind Being Seen In Public With His Family
12. My Average Student Gets Straight A's In Common Sense
13. Proud Parent Of A Well-Mannered & Respectful Child

What would your "Proud Parent" bumper sticker say?