Thursday, February 19, 2009


I was going to write about some things happening in the world that are upsetting me, but I need to do a little more research before I make any statements. So, in lieu of civil disobedience I present (as snow is still falling outside my windows today) some thoughts of Spring. Yes, it is coming, folks. Never fear.

1. The smell of Spring. Earthy and sweet and warm.
2. Birds returning to the neighborhood. I especially love to hear robins.
3. The sun comes earlier and stays later.
4. Cleaning my yard--I'm actually looking forward to this, even though I cringe at the amount of dog poop that has been hidden under the snow all this time.
5. Opening my windows and getting a warm breeze.
6. The first bulbs peeking up from the soil. Pretty purple crocuses (if the squirrels haven't eaten them all!
7. Spring rain.
8. The first sound of lawn mowing--hmm... who will get theirs out first?
9. Digging in the dirt. Planting.
10. Easter. The services, the cute dresses on little girls, the candy...
11. When the trees start blooming and entire neighborhoods turn pink and yellow and white.
12. Putting on a pair of shorts. (And blinding everyone in a 5-mile radius with my fish-white legs.)
13. Daily grilling out. Okay, at least on weekends. Fire up the barbie and get my recommended daily allowance of carcinogens from that tasty char. Mmmm...

What springy thoughts, if any, are you having today?

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spyscribbler said...

Spring? Really? Wow! That would be nice. I hope Glenn is home in time to rake the leaves he didn't get up before the snow came!