Friday, March 09, 2007

I had the oddest experience yesterday while exploring blogland and just had to share it.

But first, a question: when you all post comments on other people's blogs, do you go back later and read the other comments to see what other bloggers think about the article, or think about what you said? I do. I love reading comments; it's almost as much fun as reading the blogs themselves.

So anyway, there I was yesterday, reading, commenting, minding my own business. I go back to one blog that I commented on, a posting that had asked for suggestions/opinions and I had offered mine and I wanted to see what everyone else's opinions were on the subject.

And about four or five comments down from my comment was someone bashing my suggestion/opinion in their comment.

I felt like I'd been bitch-slapped or something.

It was the oddest thing! I'm sitting there, reading the comments and I'm like, WTF? I was just offering my opinion! And if anyone should be doing comment bashing it should be the person who wrote the article in the first place, right?

I thought this was bad manners on the part of the other commenter. But perhaps this kind of thing is the norm. I'm not sure. What do you think?


Robyn said...

Depends on the blog. If the blogger invites debate, fine, but it can be done civilly.

Or it could just be a troll. I hate people who stir things up just to get a fight going.

spyscribbler said...

Oh, I love comments! They're almost my favorite part of blogs. I rarely just read my feeds ... I click through to most blogs and read the comments. You're so right!

I've had people lambaste (is that the right word?) my comments before, though. I minded at first. I try not to mind now. Usually don't!

Ellen said...

I like reading comments too, and often go back to follow through on what everyone else thought.

Robyn's right - debate's okay if not rudely done. I can't imagine bashing someone for their comments - that sucks.