Tuesday, March 13, 2007

One thing that drives me crazy is when people are supposed to be courteous--when people KNOW they're supposed to be courteous--and they just slide right into discourteousness anyway.

For example, my storytimes. Granted, they're for toddlers, so parents are going to get bored. Most of them put up with it well; they try to participate and attempt to control their child's behavior. Then there are the other ones. The ones that hold a conversation--out loud, sometimes LOUDLY--between themselves when I'm trying to read a story. Like, Hello?

This kills me. And there I am, trying to out-shout the parents so that everyone else in the room can hear me!

And--you guessed it--these are the ones that don't watch their kids and then when the kid falls and splits his head open, they're giving ME dirty looks. Grrr....

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spyscribbler said...

Oh man, I hear you. Wanna tip? Put your book in your lap mid-sentence. Stop talking. Don't look at anyone directly but look towards the perpetrators. Create an uncomfortable pause until everyone stops talking.

Then genuinely smile and say, "Children (try not to laugh when lying), if we're not quiet during storytime, those that want to hear the rest of the story won't be able to. Please listen to your parents when they tell you to be quiet."

Or some such thing. If they don't get the hint, they're freaking idiots and you can spend the afternoon imagining what it would be like to bop them on the head with your book!