Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign...

I live across the street from a park. It's a nice community park with ball fields, a building you can rent out for parties and a playground.

At each entry to the park, and in several other spots, there are signs stating quite clearly: No dog walking, No golfball hitting. Kind of a bummer for me because I own a dog, but I respect the ordinance and don't take him into the park.

So I'm looking out the window today and what do I see? Some guy practicing his driving. Golf bag set up and everything, right out in plain sight in the middle of the park. I've seen this same guy more than once, BTW. And on top of that, I've seen people--seriously--bring their dogs in a car to the park, let the dog out of the car on a leash to POOP in the park, then put them back in the car and leave.

WTF? The obvious rude factor aside, why do people not read/heed signs? Perhaps there is a significant population out there that has sign-blindness. Perhaps there are so many signs out there people just ignore them all rather than take a whole 5 seconds to read them. Perhaps people's lives are so mundane they feel a need to push the envelope, if only in the slightest way.

What about you? Do you read signs? Heed or ignore signs? Do you feel there are too many/not enough? What's the funniest/strangest/most contradictory sign you've read?


Robyn said...

Near Hot Springs, Arkansas there is a little park right next to the police department. A sign says, "Picnic area and shooting range, next right."

writtenwyrdd said...

Funny how so many people think the rules and signs meant to keep society somewhat organized and nice for everyone do not apply to THEM because they are SPECIAL. And, man, there are a lot of special people out there, judging by the roadside litter, dog poop on my lawn and neighbor kids' stuff left haphazardly in my yard.