Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tuesday in WTF? Land

--Tickets to this fall's Miley Cyrus concerts (Hannah Montana) have been reported to resell at up to $2,500 apiece. (!!)

--I had a mother this morning leave her toddler alone in the movie stacks while she went to grab her car keys out of another room, around the corner, completely out of sight.

--Kids today actually believe that they are allowed to interrupt you mid-sentence (mid-word, for God's sake!) just because they say "Excuse me."

--At a middle school in Illinois, hugging is no longer allowed.

--At another school in Illinois, administration set aside a section of the lunchroom for Muslim students to pray in during Ramadan. Umm... separation of church and state, anyone?

--A 50-something woman recently gave birth to her daughter's twins. Would she be their grammamama?


Robyn said...

Judas Priest.

It always burned me that my kids couldn't have a "Christmas" party at school, because of the First Amendment. At the "holiday" party what did they do? Colored pictures of Kwanzaa kinaras and played with dreidels while they learned about Chanukah. Yeesh.

spyscribbler said...

"A 50-something woman recently gave birth to her daughter's twins."

How does that work, exactly? LOLOL ...

#3: SO true! What is UP with that???