Tuesday, February 05, 2008

(Sorry I missed youall yesterday; was out of town. But now... I'm baaacck...)
Yes, folks, we've been inundated over the years with those bare, muscled, shirt-ripped-open chests in all their manly glory...
...or could it be girly glory? Look at the size of them!

He's got some serious protrudence going on there. And, if you look closely, his nip is clearly outlined against the lily-white of her blouse...ick.

She may love him, but she'll never forgive him for having better ones than her.

Okay, he's got cleavage and everything! What did she get besides a droopy neckline and a nymph frolicking in the poison ivy? Nothing, that's what!

Happy Tuesday, all!


Robyn said...

That first one could probably cut diamonds with his nipples. Dangerous love!

Bernita said...

Yep, the men have the bigger ones.
It looks really odd.