Monday, May 05, 2008

Well, folks, it seems Harlequin has run out of supersexy man-hunk types to pose for their covers(after all, they put out a bazillion novels a month). In desperation, they've gone on a manhunt throughout Harlequin Headquarters for a few stand-ins:

This is Rich from Human Resources. After the shoot, he went around all day tipping an invisible hat and saying, "Howdy, partner!"

This happy couple is Scott from Accounting and Jenny from Admin. Instead of enjoying his one and only chance to feel up a redhead, Scott's actually eyeing the side of the boat, looking for a good spot to hurl.

This is Bill, senior VP of operations. He can't wait to fire the entire art department for putting him in this stupid baseball getup.

This is Tanner, son of Julie the Receptionist. He pulled out all his baby teeth for this occasion! Give him a hand, folks!
Happy Monday!


Robyn said...

Good Lord. Where's Fabio when you need him?

Rhonda Stapleton said...

BWAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA you always find the best covers...thank you for the good Monday giggles!

spyscribbler said...

ROFL! You know, Mr. Man of the Year looks like a BOY! We do need Fabio. Sheesh!

StarvingWriteNow said...

The toothless kid sealed the deal for me. I was just inspired!