Monday, August 25, 2008

Apparently, Silhouette Desire has replaced one desire with another.

Baby 1: Daddy's a billionaire--we'll get ten of everything!

Baby 2: I'll tell you one thing I don't want--daddy's case of mumps!

"Now pay attention, Jeffy: first you take over the company, then you fire half the staff, then you knock up the cute twentysomething secretary, then..."

Super-Tycoon wants Love Child to pull his glowing finger. Love Child is terrified of Super-Tycoon's Amazing Hovering Technique (even his shoelaces float!). And RedHot Mama could really, really use a nap.
Happy Monday, all!


Robyn said...

They have had baby-rabies, haven't they?

Missie said...


I think the Kincaid baby's head has its own solar system.

StarvingWriteNow said...

LOL!!!! Snort!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys are great!

Bernita said...

Macho male and his heirs.
No girl babies.