Thursday, August 28, 2008


1. Bad perm unveiling--oh yes, just days before my junior prom I--mistakenly, as it turned out--decided that getting a perm would be a good idea. Oh. OMG. I'm still cringing.
2. Puppy/kitten's first little accident--on me!--Let me just say that squeezing young critters is not recommended.
3. My first "F" grade in school--First grade. Miss Straight-A's over here got the shock of her academic life, let me tell you.
4. Marriage proposal--I have to hand it to the ex--he did a good job. Fancy dinner, special cake for dessert, dove ornament in the center of the cake with my ring around it's neck...very sweet.
5. Select outtakes from high school dances--I'm sure youall can just imagine the hair, the clothes, the attempts at cool dancing... oy!
6. My first time behind the wheel of a car--I ran over the birdhouse, just missed a ginormous maple tree... my mother still talks about it.
7. My first time on skis--Major giggle-worthy footage, I'm sure.
8. Any spectacular wipe-out (there were many!).
9. Me trying to be Dorothy Hamill on ice--I landed on my chin. My olympic career aspirations were officially over after that.
10. Me riding down the stairs on my ass with the cat in my arms--This was a classic Kodak moment. I got a bruise the size of Texas on one cheek and I didn't see the cat for hours after that.
11. Son tripping down the stairs while holding a Klondike bar--He was only five or six at the time and it was like a stumbling ballet.
12. Cats play-fighting--Always worthwhile.
13. That time when I went head-first over the handlebars on my bike--Hang on, make that those times I went head-first over the handlebars... I'm amazed I made it to adulthood.
Time to share: what's your Slo-Mo moment?


spyscribbler said...

I'm surprised the cat ever talked to you again! ROFL!

I constantly tripped over my feet. I also peed my pants in first grade. Not sure anyone would want to see that in slow motion, LOL! Drip, drip, drip...


Missie said...

Your slow-mo moments sound way more interesting than mine. Can you re-enact the falling down the stairs and youtube it? kthxbai.

StarvingWriteNow said...

Spy, dear, I think I'll pass on the pee... sorry!

Missie, that stair event was truly un-redoable. I literally bounced--I hit at least six risers on that same butt cheek before I landed... I recall just laying at the bottom of the stairs moaning for about five minutes. I wonder if that has anything to do with those occasional hip pains I get now?

Robyn said...

I have so many to choose from that my most embarrassing moment is right now.

Bernita said...

I tend to repress them. Firmly.Too painful.