Thursday, October 02, 2008


Believe it or not, it was 47 degrees here this morning. I actually turned on the heat! Doing so got me into a "Fall" frame of mind and I'm reminiscing. I grew up on a farm, so fall was always a big time. The crops, the roadside stand, going to market... it was hectic and colorful and fun.
(this TT is a work in progress; check back for more scintillating details!)

1. Picking apples.
2. Weekends.
3. The sound of the tractors coming home at dusk.
4. Loading up the big truck for storage.
5. Digging potatoes.
6. Making a halloween mask out of a paper plate.
7. Trees on fire.
8. Cider.
9. Better: warm popcorn and cider.
10. Wrapping up in sweaters and coats.
11. The first fire in the woodstove.
12. The smell of fall.
13. Frost.


spyscribbler said...

Fall is my favorite time of year, no contest! Love it!

Missie said...

You forgot seeing Christmas decorations by the Halloween candy in the stores.

Robyn said...

Hayrides. We used to do it every year.