Monday, January 05, 2009


Yes, I know, you've been all on tenterhooks, wondering what happened, whether we fixed that hole, stopped the leaks, saved the helpless kitten in the treetop...

(Hang on, that's another story...)

Anyhow, I climbed into the attic and discovered a 2-foot by 6-foot long section of wall just missing. Like they forgot or something. It was crazy! We got some heavy plywood and screwed it into place, then got some of that "Great Stuff" expanding foam insulation. Which is pretty neat if you've ever used it--even more still when the little nozzle thingy comes off in your hand and you get a giant blob right on your nice clean t-shirt (my Friend was not pleased when this happened to him, let me tell you) or in my case, when the "Stuff" works its way through your rubber glove and stains your hands for a week. Oh yeah. I was lookin' GOOD at work after that!!

Once that was done, we test fitted the long wall of the tub surround--a real, sincere bitch of a project since my tub is inside a lovely, historic looking arched recess. Can anyone say tricky? And can I tell you we test-fitted that fucker about six times before we finally screwed it in?

Moving right along, we hit a wall. As in waiting for the new faucet thingy to come. And we waited. First it was going to come on Jan. 2. Then it was going to come Jan. 4. Then it actually showed up on Jan. 2. You'd think someone at the local tracking service actually knew where this box was, wouldn't you? Oy! Anyhow the faucets were lovely, we oohed and ahhed over them properly, Friend learned an entirely new skill of mating PVC plumbing with brass fixtures, then we faced the big challenge:

Cutting the holes for the damn things.

Anyone ever cut fiberglass? Can I tell you that with the Roto-Zip thingy we were using, all this fine fiberglass dust flew around, settled on our arms and ITCHED like crazy the rest of the day? But let me take a moment right here to jump up and say "Huzzah!" to Friend for being a MASTER Roto-Zipper Cutter Guy Who Bored Lovely Holes In The Fiberglass That The Faucets Fit Into. He rocks. I adore him.

So we fitted the wall, fitted the last wall on the opposite side, oohed and ahhed some more, attached the lovely new faucet fixtures and tested the water.

Nothing leaked. I am not kidding. (insert happy dancing here)

There is still cleanup and finishing to do, but the worst is over. I have a lovely new mildew-free tub surround in place and it looks lovely. Hooray! Huzzah! Three cheers and a tiger for me (and Friend)! Let the wild rumpus start!

And yes, faithful fans (all 2 or 3 of you) I haven't forgotten the romance covers. I'm stockpiling more lovely specimens for your examination, so keep checking back!

Happy Monday!


Robyn said...

Huzzah! Have you taken a long, lovely yummy-smelling bath yet?

StarvingWriteNow said...

No! The tub seams need to be caulked and the drywall at the ceiling needs finishing. But all should be well within 48 hrs.