Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday Sparks #8

Waiting and worrying over whether or not she will "get the job" a woman dials a psychic hotline on impulse.

Have fun!!


Wolfsong said...

Someone answers on the second ring and says "I knew you'd call".
The woman says, "I need to know the answer! I'm dying of anxiety".
There's a long pause and the voice on the other side says "The answer is....47"
"I think that's the answer the computer gives out in 'Hitchhiker's guide'".
"oh. I believe you're right. In that case the answer is 'don't do it'"
The woman says "That's what I should have done when I thought about calling you".

Sorry for the cheesiness! I really enjoyed reading your blog!

StarvingWriteNow said...

Thanks for stopping by, Wolfsong!

My submission:

Marion dutifully gave her name and date of birth to the PSYCHICS-R-US operator. The line clicked twice, then a deep, throaty woman's voice answered "Madam Sasha knows allll! How can I hellllp you, Marion who does not like her name and wishes she was a Jennifer or a Christina?"

Marion bolted to her feet. "What?"

"I know allll," Madam Sasha repeated. "Trust me, soon you will meet a man who will make your name sound like cathedral bells when he speaks it! And you--"

"I don't want any man advice," Marion said, regretting ever having picked up the phone. "I want to know whether or not I--"

"This man is important!" Madam Sasha interrupted. "He will change the course of your life--"

"Stop with the man already!"

"Child, his presence is so strong; his aura is reaching for you as we speak!"

"Oh, my God. I can't believe I'm paying $4.50 a minute for this! Do I get the job or not?"

There was a long silence. Then Madam Sasha said softly. "You do. But..."


"Something dark. Death is there."

Rhonda Stapleton said...

Ooooh these are both good...and nice reference to Hitchhiker, Wolfsong!! LOL